Examples of my work

ESU LogoDeveloping an Online Degree Program

Description: For my master’s project I assisted the Counseling Department at Emporia State University in creating an entirely new online degree program in Rehabilitation Counseling.  I worked with the department to develop a vision and scope for the degree program. I also created a faculty training program, a student orientation, and a student social lounge, all of which was put onto Canvas.

Instructional Design skills: project management, ADDIE, course development, training, script writing, web accessibility, User eXperience

Technology skills: audio and video recording, Captivate, closed captioning, Canvas, HTML

Conference Presentation: Basics of Digital Audio Recording


a guardian angelScenario-based, online safety training

Description:  As a project for IT850, I took a standard safety training from a large corporation and transformed one chapter of it into a scenario-based model. Instead of reading pages of dry facts and trying to memorize them by rote, learners are placed in situations where they must internalize the knowledge, leading to a deeper understanding and higher compliance levels. The scenario is whimsical, but engaging.

Instructional Design skills: e-learning, authentic learning, constructivist approach, corporate training, change management

Technology skills: Captivate, audio engineering, Photoshop

  Three S'sStandards for Online Course Delivery

Description:  There are several rubrics that provide standards for online course design.  However, it is difficult to find a concise list of research-based standards for course delivery that instructors can use to guide them in facilitating online courses, or that institutions can use to evaluate their faculty.  There are some, but they are all behind a paywall or for internal use only.

So I developed my own rubric, based on research and best practices in the field, and put it into the Creative Commons.  I used “Three S’s” as a helpful mnemonic to tie the standards together.

Instructional Design skills:  research, e-learning best practices, standards, Open Educational Resources (OER)

Technology skills:  Pages

logo of lightbulbPacificorp Challenge

Description:  A classmate and I entered the 2014 Pacificorp Challenge.  We worked together on every aspect of the project, from creating the solution, to graphic design, to technological implementation.  We were one of only eight teams (out of 18) who made it to the semi-final round.

Instructional Design skills:  ADDIE, authentic learning, constructivism, Keller’s ARCS model of motivation, graphic design, business proposals

Technology skills:  Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Zoho Docs, Lucidchart

chalkboard with elearning written on itIT343 “Teaching Online in K-12”

Description:  For my Graduate Assistantship I was given carte blanche to develop and teach a class for undergraduates in Education called “Teaching Online in K-12.”  I developed the entire curriculum myself, uploaded everything to Moodle (v. 1.9), and taught the class online.  After a year, I moved the course to Canvas.

Instructional Design skills:  course development, course design, course delivery, e-learning, assessment development, virtual instruction, research, web accessibility

Technology skills:  Moodle, Canvas, Google Forms, Kindle for Mac, HTML

clip of un-fallacy logoUn-Fallacy Video Podcast: The Strawman Fallacy

Description:  A video podcast about logical thinking, with an emphasis on recent media and politics. While this is an entertaining video, I also include a computer-graded quiz for those interested in cementing what they have learned. This is a prototype for a series that could be developed further.

Instructional Design skills:  Meyer’s principles for multimedia instruction, asynchronous e-learning, informal learning

Technology skills:  I created the logo with Photoshop, the video with GarageBand and Camtasia, and the tutorial wrapper with Captivate.

clip of websiteDemo Website – hand-coding power!

Description:  This is a website I hand-coded when I was brushing up on my coding skills.

Instructional Design skills: executive direction, web accessibility

Technology skills: I used HTML, CSS, and Java. It is Accessible.  I designed the top logo using stock art and Photoshop, and I designed the buttons in Photoshop.

pink scarf on broken mirrorSinger-Songwriter website

Description:  A website to showcase my creative hobby.

Technology skills:  I created the image for the site’s background using Photoshop and stock photos.  I hand-coded the site using HTML, CSS, and a bit of Java.

concentric starsSelf-pace tutorial: How to Make Crème Brûlée

Description:  A series of videos showing how to make the famous, delicious gourmet dessert.

Instructional Design skills: Meyer’s principles for multimedia instruction, segmenting, informal learning

Technology skills:  I created the background in Photoshop, edited the videos in iMovie and Camtasia, and assembled everything in Captivate.

clip of title pageVideo: Copyright for teachers

Description:  A narrated presentation I made on the subject of copyright law, and how this applies to teachers who will teach online.

Instructional Design skills: research, copyright compliance, informal learning, multimedia instruction

Technology skills:  Created in Keynote; narrated and edited in Camtasia.

clip art of papersLiterature Review and Research Proposal

Description:  A paper on the question of “Does the organization of an online class affect learning outcomes?”  It is in APA format for a literature review.  If I pursue a doctorate degree, this would be one idea for a research project.

Instructional Design skills: research, asynchronous e-learning

thumbnail of PhotoShop projectFunny Picture

Description:  A class assignment for IT810 “Multimedia Design,” was to superimpose two images using Photoshop.  I decided to take it to the next level by adding plenty of snark.

Technology skills:  Photoshop

Mochiberry partial logoMochiberry Frozen Yogurt Shop Supplemental Training Design Document

Description:  A Design Document for a remedial training program for employees of a locally-owned frozen yogurt shop.  There is also a prototype for the training materials.

Instructional Design skills: design documents,  ADDIE, authentic learning, employee training

Technology skills: PhotoShop, audio recording

preview image Essential OilsEssential Oils E-course Design Document

Description:  A design document and a lesson prototype for an e-course about essential oils.  I also created evaluation instruments and lesson plans.

Instructional Design skills:

Technology skills:

keyboardOnline Adult Piano Lessons Design Document

Description:  A Design Document for a startup business idea. Also includes a storyboard for a lesson prototype.

Instructional Design skills:

Technology skills: