Creme Brulee

Interactive video project
How to Make Crème Brûlée

I created this interactive video project using iMovie, Camtasia, Photoshop, and Captivate 6. I shot the footage in my kitchen, imported it to my computer, and added the fun transition effects using iMovie. I don’t like the limited range of captioning options in iMovie, though, nor is iMovie’s ability for fine control of editing on the timeline very good. So I then transferred the partially-finished video files to Camtasia in order to add the captions and do some finer cuts. (The camera I borrowed from our computer lab corrupted part of my footage, which I didn’t become aware of until it was too late to reshoot. So there are some places where I had to use still frames and re-record the audio.)

I created the star background for the project using Photoshop.

Then I brought all the finished video and image files into a Captivate project and placed them on different slides.

The Mayer principles I used were signalling (captions appeared on the screen to emphasize what was important in the video) and Segmenting (the videos can be paused to allow users to go at their own pace. In addition, the videos were divided up and placed on different screens, to allow for more user control.)