Essential Oils Course


The owner of Vitruvian Natural Health L.L.C., asked me to help her with the migration of her essential oils course from an in-person format to an online format. This way she will be able to reach more people who may not be able to travel to take her course, but want to learn about essential oils.  Currently the course is 4 hours long, divided into two 2-hour sessions, usually one week apart, and is taught at a community college.  We decided to post the course on Canvas.

My involvement included:

  • Consulting with the instructor, collaboratively choosing which approaches to take. I wanted her to feel comfortable teaching the course in the new format, while also making sure the course aligned with proven principles of success in e-learning.
  • Collecting and analyzing the course content in its current form. Before this project I knew next to nothing about essential oils, so I had to learn all of the content from her while also performing the needs analysis.
  • Creating a design document for the project, based on the information gathered during the initial analysis phase. This included a timeline, deliverables, resource requirements, and formal objectives.
  • Creating evaluation instruments for all stages of the course.
  • Writing a course outline.
  • Creating activities for each module of the course, to ensure a high level of learner engagement.
  • Creating prototypes for the website and slideshow lectures.
  • Posting the material onto Canvas.


The Design Document: