Every year the Association of Educational Communications and Technology hosts a national competition, sponsored by Pacificorp.  This year my classmate, Jiaxin Liu, and I are partners to enter the competition.  Here is the site describing the competition.

The problem statement, in a nutshell, is that a hypothetical community college, “Western Community College,” is implementing a new Learning Management System (not specified–each team can choose which LMS they want to use), and they need to train all 199 faculty members, even those who currently do not teach online.

Jiaxin and I collaborated on everything–finding research to guide our solution, typing and editing the solution, choosing our hypothetical business name, creating the budget, and creating the graphics and charts.  Some software we used: ZohoDocs (for distance collaboration), Photoshop, LucidChart, Microsoft PowerPoint (a timeline plugin to create the milestones graphic), Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word.

For the first round, we submitted a paper with the overview of our solution, seen below.  We were one of only six teams accepted to the second round of the competition!  We are working on our second-round materials and will submit them by August 15.