Singer-Songwriter Website

Music By AVA – my singer-songwriter website.

I created the background for this site using stock photos I purchased from and manipulating them in Photoshop.  Here are the original images:

15922339_l 12205959_xl

I began by changing the color of the purple scarf to a warmer, corally-pink. Then I made the white background transparent, and superimposed my pink scarf onto the broken mirror background, changing the orientation to be diagonal instead of horizontal. The final result, which I used as the background for the site, looks like this:

pink scarf on broken mirror


I also used this stock image for the site: lotsofframes

I extracted several of the frames, created new files with them, tweaked colors, made the insides and outsides transparent, and used them as backgrounds for individual songs.

As far as the site, I hand-coded the HTML and CSS, and used some pre-coded Java to insert FaceBook follow buttons and PayPal buttons onto the page.

Every song was written by me, unless otherwise indicated, and performed at my small, humble home studio, which consists of a microphone, keyboard, a DA converter box, and GarageBand.  For some of the songs, I brought my microphone to home of a friend and recorded myself playing on her grand piano, for a better sound.