Technical Skills

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Image editing – Audio editing – Video editing – interactive eLearning

Image editing


created in Easy Draw (on an iPad), and edited with PhotoShop


Image mash-up

Here are two starting images. One is a picture I took at a gas pump. The other I bought from a stock photo site, (courtesy of 501room). I created a new image from the two, using PhotoShop.

prepay lotsofframes

Here is my mash-up, in all its snarky glory (click to enlarge)


  • I chose one of the frames from the collection in the stock photo, and cropped it out of the group.
  • Changed the orientation of the frame, tinted it to be a bit more brown, and cut out the white space inside.
  • Cropped the gas pump message and placed it inside the frame.
  • Added a background color to the negative space between the gas pump sign and the edge of the frame, as well as a background color behind the frame.
  • Added a bevel to the gas pump message to make it look like it was matted in the frame, and to add a 3-D effect.
  • Added a couple captions.
  • Voilà!

Audio Editing

Musical composition and performance

My brother enjoys creating orchestrations using a program called Reason. I asked him to orchestrate the background instruments for a song I wrote recently, called “Dragon.” He lives in Kansas City, so the exchange all happened via the internet. I emailed him the chord sheet and a rough demo of the song.  He recorded an instrumental track and sent me the file via DropBox. I downloaded the file, imported it into GarageBand, and recorded my vocals over the orchestration.  I added some reverberation, compression, and other effects to my voice, as well as clipping out the sounds of taking a breath before each phrase. Here is the final product:

Video Editing